“Drill and fill” is yesterday’s news. Our services are designed for two




We work with you to help prevent problems before they happen.

The most important part of dentistry is preventive dentistry. Keeping your smile clean and healthy before any problems start is key to great dental care


Teeth Cleanings are essential to your oral hygiene care. Our dental professionals remove the plaque and prevent cavities when you make and keep your cleaning appointments every six months.

Dr. Harrell’s office will take a full series of X-rays at your first cleaning appointment, and as needed for your best preventative care. X-Rays are highly important to your oral care because these digital pictures show what the naked eye can’t see. Finding any problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaw before they worsen is key to a great oral care plan.

Did you know? Most people are brushing and flossing incorrectly. Ask one of our professionals about the best way to perform basic oral hygiene and for detailed instructions.

A great tool in Preventive dentistry are sealants. Sealants are thin plastic coatings painted on the top layer of the tooth surface. This extra layer of defense prevents tooth decay on those hard to reach tooth surfaces which in turn prevent cavities. Preventing cavities and creating a healthy smile is our goal.

Are you a night grinder? Occlusal guards protect your teeth when you’re sleeping from the clenching and grinding. This habit you are unaware of can wear down your teeth and lead to future problems such as TMJ. We can custom make an Occlusal guard that fits comfortably making it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep while protecting your teeth.


We are in the business of helping people, and we love it!

The most important part of dentistry is preventive dentistry. Keeping your smile clean and healthy before any problems start is key to great dental care


Dr. Harrell offers composite fillings that blend naturally with your smile. These metal-free fillings are preferred by patients and doctors because of the restorative beauty they bring.

Our professionals use crowns to restore a decayed or fractured tooth. The crown restores your tooth back to its strength and function. Our crowns look like your natural tooth and that is something to smile about.

Veneers are a cosmetic restoration that blend naturally with your smile. Veneers can help restore cracked, chipped, discolored, and misalignment smiles. These tooth colored shells bond to the front of your very own teeth creating a gorgeous healthy smile.

Dentures have greatly improved over the years thanks to advances in dentistry. You can now receive implant retained dentures which work similar to dental implants. These dentures fit securely to your jaw bone keeping them from slipping and sliding. They blend into your natural smile so you can eat, smile, and speak with confidence.

Sometimes unfortunately a tooth cannot be saved and must be extracted. In these cases, Dr. Harrell can provide you with excellent extraction care. We can provide based on your needs dental implants, dentures and bridges to restore your smile with compassionate care.

Each patient is important to our practice and we take great pride in getting your procedures done proficiently and with great compassion. In some cases, a dental implant is the best option. Dental implants are used if you have missing or cracked teeth. An implant is the next best thing to your natural teeth and can restore your mouths function and beauty. Dental implants allow you to eat your favorite foods, speak clearly, and halt bone deterioration.

Root canal therapy is the best option for a patient with a deep cavity infection or serious crack. This procedure saves the tooth from extraction. Dr. Harrell will remove the pulp, clean out the canal and seal the tooth. Despite their reputation a root canal procedure is easy and pain free.

Over the years our teeth can yellow due to food and drink consummation. Dr. Harrell can give your teeth the brilliant white shine you long for. Our professional whitening kits consist of whitening trays custom fit to your mouth causing beautiful results. Dr. Harrell will supervise your whitening care so you can feel confident you will receive the upmost oral health care.

Do you suffer from embarrassing and painful fever blisters and canker sores? Dr. Harrell’s office has medications that can help reduce these sores. Ask about our fever blister treatment care if this is something that fits your needs.

Deep cleanings, also called scaling and root planing, is the care needed if you’re beginning to develop periodontal gum disease. This gum disease if left untreated could cause tooth loss. We want to prevent tooth loss and take a proactive approach to periodontal gum disease.

Sometimes accidents happen and our office is here for you and your family. Please call our office at 252-355-2424 and we will get your appointment set up right away!